Rough start. Little too baked.

Thinking about recording short things once a night. Might as well use this blog for something.

immaturetrash asked
Hey, what app do you use to scrobble from iPod?

I used to just scrobble my iPod listens when I synced the thing with iTunes, but I’ve been using android phones as my portable music player now for quite some time and don’t deal with that bullshit anymore.

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Samantha Fish's Lay It Down off of the album Black Wind Howlin'

It’s a wailing blues kind of night. Samantha Fish plays out of Kansas. She’s a damn good guitarist, definitely worth keeping a eye on.

Just something I threw together to test out my new recording device. So there are some mistakes and no title.

Just a Jotcamp reminder…

Because I still seem to get followers despite posting nothing on this tumblr, I thought I’d post another message about the other blog I’m involved with where I actually do post.

You can find me over at Jotcamp now. I’d appreciate the follow.

Just a reminder,

since I seem to keep getting new followers, I’m not really using this specific blog any more. I’m going to be doing the vast majority of my tumbling at a new tumblr called Jotcamp.


My friend and I have started up a new blog. I’ve been wanting to put more of a concentrated effort into my blog for a while, and I think this is the best way to do it. It would be awesome if you guys would follow it. If you like what I’ve been posting here, it’s going to be more consistent over there, and I’ve set up external hosting to let me seriously get into music blogging instead of being constrained to the one 10MB song a day that Tumblr let’s me post.

Here’s our description/mission statement:

Jotcamp is a pair of art students with some vague principles on media gluttony. We don’t want to just sit back and consume all the tasteful art we come across, so we’ve made this blog to compile and comment on that delicious media to keep our TV, music, and movies habit from becoming a one way conversation.

New name for this blog: jotcamp

I’m refocussing the purpose of this blog, and inviting a friend or two to contribute to it. There’ll be a proper update post when the transformation process is done.

The music won’t be going anywhere though.

Edit: It turns out I can’t invite people to this blog exactly, so I had to make a new one.